Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Deepest Darkest Storm

Flying through the deepest darkest storm,
I keep my eyes straight on the path.

The road gets rough,
And the path gets tough.
But I do not falter,
and though I may stumble,
I will not stop, because those moments,
Make me humble.
They strengthen me to fly faster than before,
With my eyes straight all the more,
Because I know He has promised me,
In the end I will see His beauty,
His bright lights of eternity.

Flying through the darkest storm,
I keep my eyes straight on the path,
On that glimmer of light,
The pinhole in the storm,
That will soon shine so bright.

Heading out of the storm

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bright Idea

Where do our ideas come from?
Is it truly out of our own spirit?
If so, then why do so many lack new ideas?
Could ideas possibly be some divine intervention,
A touch of inspiration from our wonderful creator?

Or is it a mechanism that He placed inside of us,
When He made us in His image,
That we may create as He creates?

It is a definite possibility that,
G-d gave us the tools to create,
But many of us our so out of touch with these tools,
That we have lost our inspiration, our creativity.

Start thinking again.
Start creating.

Stop watching t.v. and letting your mind be silent.
Start sitting in silence and creating ideas in your mind.

You were made in the image of the greatest creator,
the greatest thinker, author and artist.
Therefore you too, ought to think, and create.

Stop dumbing yourselves down and start thinking
Create something wonderful and share it with the world.

Bright Idea

Monday, May 5, 2008

Have Fun, Spread joy

Stop worrying about what people will think
Start running down the aisles and through the halls
Stop thinking about how silly you look
Start to dance, flail, and swing your arms

Have fun, this is where true beauty lies.
Spread the joy of love, with every second of you life.
Don't be afraid to act "childish"
Theres a reason G-d has told us to become like children.

Stop worrying
Start living
You have more to be happy about
Than you have to mourn for
You have more than enough reasons to never stop dancing
And more than enough reasons to never stop laughing

Let G-d fill you with His love and joy
and it will overflow out of you
into all of those who surround you

Find the beauty in playing and joyful yelling
Forget the worries of the world
And the worries of the world just might forget you.

Hancocks in motion

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Glimpse of Eternity

There are things way beyond this world
which my eyes long to see
and every once in a while He grants me
a soft, quite glimpse into eternity

If your not looking for it you'll miss it.
Yet if you devote your eyes to seeking it
You will never be blessed with it.

Seek Him first and He will give this to you.
Eternity in Sight