Sunday, March 29, 2009

Possible New Logo

So I've thought about how I need to make an actual logo before, but could never think of anything.
and I eventually gave up and forgot about it. But a comment on my last blog about marking my work brought it to my attention again (thanks Funks) So, I thought and thought, but could not think of anything and gave up again.

Until last night. An image popped into my head, so I pulled out my comp and made it.
I think it's the first thing I've ever seen in my head and been able to even closely create successfully.

without further ado, here it is:

Possibly my new logo?

I also decided to try out a self portrait with my face in the position of my new logo (A face I make often, one of the reasons the logo fits me) I accidentally took two shots off centered that almost fit together perfectly, I liked them, so this is what I did with them.

self portrait & new logo tryout

What do you guys think?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Marking my work

The use of a logo over photo work, is a very handy tool that many people use. I have avoided it, because I think it ruins my work...
But if I'm going to be professional and make money from my work, I see it as something I may need to do once and a while.

So i figured I would try it out and see if I could get some feedback.
Let me know what you think please!


(btw this shot is a sneak peek to the wedding I shot at last week,
I just quickly edited it for use here, blog still to come!)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I recently went to Texas with Christan to shoot a wedding, as I've mentioned before. (blog about that to come later) Well, while I was there, we also did a shoot of a little girl named Kristlyn.
I really like taking pictures of kids, I love running around to keep up with them and trying to get them to smile, while leaning and kneeling to get the best angles of such small subjects.
Here's a bit of what I took.

Kristlyn 3-15-09 027
She was pretty shy when we started

Kristlyn 3-15-09 062
but soon warmed up and began to have fun

Kristlyn 3-15-09 050

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Lens!

While in Texas, shooting a wedding with Christan, I got a new lens. It's a Canon 50mm prime lens with a 1.8 f-stop.
I sincerely love it.

Not being able to zoom in or out takes some getting used to, but the low f-stop is totally worth it. Here's a few of the shots I've taken with it so far. You'll be seeing a lot more in the future.


Behind Justice

Mandy B

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some more blogs for you!

I'd just like to take a post and share with anyone who may read my blog, other photographers blog, that I recommend you taking a look at.

Christan Lane Photography
My good friend, who takes amazing pictures.
She has some of the most professional stuff I've seen, if your looking for a pro to do a job, get in contact with her... seriously.

Vanessa Castoe
One of my best friend's and soon to be house mate.
She got her camera before me, and always let me use it, which led to me buying one and being where I am now. She is the mother of three beautiful children who are the focus of her photography... as they should be, because they are amazingly photogenic, and she can capture their cuteness like no other.

Funky Lee
This guy. He used to have a blog just for his photography... but I don't think he does anymore. However he does post photos on his personal blog sometimes, so I'm including him here, because i love this guy, and he's great with a camera.

Be sure to check out these photographers, because... well, because they're great and you should.


Sunday, March 8, 2009


Recorder @ the ArtBeat Community Meeting

Recorder @ The ArtBeat community meeting
February 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

My ad

My ad

This is the ad I worked up to put in the ArtBeat