Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some more blogs for you!

I'd just like to take a post and share with anyone who may read my blog, other photographers blog, that I recommend you taking a look at.

Christan Lane Photography
My good friend, who takes amazing pictures.
She has some of the most professional stuff I've seen, if your looking for a pro to do a job, get in contact with her... seriously.

Vanessa Castoe
One of my best friend's and soon to be house mate.
She got her camera before me, and always let me use it, which led to me buying one and being where I am now. She is the mother of three beautiful children who are the focus of her photography... as they should be, because they are amazingly photogenic, and she can capture their cuteness like no other.

Funky Lee
This guy. He used to have a blog just for his photography... but I don't think he does anymore. However he does post photos on his personal blog sometimes, so I'm including him here, because i love this guy, and he's great with a camera.

Be sure to check out these photographers, because... well, because they're great and you should.



Christan Lane said...

aw! Famousness..

VanessaKim said...

I love you.

Anonymous said...

thanks buddy. i really appreciate the the support. and all of your wisdom has paid off as well in regards to relationships as well. i love you too man.