Monday, May 5, 2008

Have Fun, Spread joy

Stop worrying about what people will think
Start running down the aisles and through the halls
Stop thinking about how silly you look
Start to dance, flail, and swing your arms

Have fun, this is where true beauty lies.
Spread the joy of love, with every second of you life.
Don't be afraid to act "childish"
Theres a reason G-d has told us to become like children.

Stop worrying
Start living
You have more to be happy about
Than you have to mourn for
You have more than enough reasons to never stop dancing
And more than enough reasons to never stop laughing

Let G-d fill you with His love and joy
and it will overflow out of you
into all of those who surround you

Find the beauty in playing and joyful yelling
Forget the worries of the world
And the worries of the world just might forget you.

Hancocks in motion

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Hancock Family Art said...

Wonderful, Jeffrey! Also, love the pic! Do you care if we use it, too?