Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nothing Fancy

I haven't done any fancy shoots with my camera lately.
Just randomness.
So here I am to share the randomness with you.

Jodi is crazy
Jodi is Crazy

Tall bike Paul
My friend Paul from Kansas City, rides a tall bike... but to me its just a large bike... cause I can still touch the ground while sitting on it. I'm tall...

Tessa is practicing for her illustrious modeling career

Kidd Fightin
Josh is always looking for a fight

Fight war
political patches, tell the world what you think, by sewing your message on your clothing items.

Josh Laughlin
This is my friend Josh Laughlin... He is really photogenic. every time I take his picture I love it.
It cant be me, it's gotta be his face.

That building you've seen in my other photos
This is a building by my house, it's almost always in the background of my shots. I went for a walk the other day and figured I'd take a picture of just it for once. Let it be the subject matter, so it wouldn't feel so left out.

See, I warned you... all randomness....


VanessaKim said...

Randomness is my favorite thing to shoot. For sure. :)

blueprint baby said...

I love the building photo! It is not near the pretty in "reality"!

.:mare tt:. - Croatinha said...

Oh come on mate, post some more pictures. =) I love your art.

Hancock Family Art said...

You're so good Jeffrey! I want some family life on the bus pics- so you'll have to come see us soon and I'll make you lots of homemade french fries....:)