Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tryin' Somethin new

My last photo shoot was of the Brewer family, it went pretty well, but I had some problems with harsh sunlight and scattered shadows from trees at the park. Do any photographers have advice on how to deal with this?

anyways, not the point, the point is, I took 4 pictures and decided to play with them in a graphic way. In my head it looked a lot better, but I thought I would share since I haven't really done anything like this before and I would like to do it more.


The actual post for the shoot will come soon, I've procrastinated it way to long haha.


Andy Exile said...

I like the last one best.
the graphic doesnt distract from the person in the photo, but instead it accents her being there.

Anonymous said...

i really like that last one too. i don't know the girl, but it suits the shot very well. the top three are neat as well, but i think the lines are a bit distracting. maybe if they were toned down a bit they would look a bit better. just a thought.

glad to see a new post...i guess that means i owe you one soon now too, huh?

Anonymous said...

I'm with funks. I love them all, but the lines are a tad distracting.
As far as the harsh sunlight & scattered shadows, I don't have an answer. I generally try to stay away from trees because they crate blown spots here & there & those are pain in the ass to try & fix. My two favorite ways to play with light right now include sunflare..I can't get enough..& positing the person directly in front of the sun. The light behind someone's hair can be really beautiful.
Other than that I try to stay in total shade.
I love you..and you need to take more pictures..

Joy Scoggin said...

To fix the lighting issues, I suggest investing in some reflectors. They are fairly inexpensive and can make a world of difference in what you can accomplish in varying lighting situations. They can be purchased individually or in a combo kit. I suggest the white/translucent, for sure, and maybe silver and gold to start off. If you get the frames, like what holds an umbrella, you can still shoot alone. If you'd like a little more versatility and movement, you might ask a friend to be your assistant for your shoot. They can hold the reflectors/filters up and angle them how you need instead of having to stop and readjust your stands and mounts. Definitely play around with them for awhile!

k.mart said...

I actually like the ones with the stripes the best. They look like they could be magazine ads.